This lathe has the reasonable structure with design of

macho-electron in one and good appearance.

 It is easy for operation and maintenance with

wide processing range from nonferrous metal to

ferrous metal and other non-metal parts. 

It can turn cylindrical surfaces, taper surfaces,

ladder shaft, end faces, boring holes, cut slots,

threads, arc surfaces. It is widely used in the lines of machinery,

meters, motorcycles, light industry and electricity for single or mass production.

One notable feature:

Under the condition of choosing better cutting feed and high quality cutters,

 it can achieve the result of grinding through turning especially for the nonferrous metals.
Through CNC system, this lathe controls driver, motor and inverter

and carries out the functions of infinitely variable speed of spindle,

forward and backward turning and co-running of two shafts in the

lateral and cutters-change, and performs the turning of all these functions accordingly.

Model Unit CNC3232 Standard configuration:
Max. swing dia. over bed mm ф320 GSK CNC system
Max. swing dia. over toolpost (equipped with gang type tool holder base) mm ф100 Lighting & cooling systems
Max. swing dia. over toolpost (equipped with electric tool post) mm ф120 Bedway lubrication system
Max. length of workpiece (distance between two centers) mm 300 Gang tool holder.
Spindle bore mm ф35
Spindle taper MT5
Spindle speed r/min 300~2800
Max. lateral stroke (X axis) mm 125
Max. longitudinal stroke (Z axis) mm 250 Special configuration
Pulse equivalent in longitudinal and lateral mm X:0.005    Z:0.01 CNC systems of FANUX,
Max. rapid feed in longitudinal and lateral mm/min X:4000    Z:8000 SIEMENS, HUAZHONG & KND
Pitch range of turning thread mm 0.2~5 Electric toolpost
Tailstock quill taper MT2 Air chuck
Max. stroke of tailstock quill mm 60 Pad iron
Min. setting unit(X/Z) mm 0.001/0.001 Spring chuck
Repositioning accuracy(X/Z) mm 0.012/0.016 Taustock communication interface
Circle/Cylinder mm 0.005,0.01/100
Main motor kw 2.2
Power of cooling pump w 40
N.W./G.W. kg 920/1020
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 1470×880×1440
Item No. 118034

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